What I do do (teehee) is scroll back about a week’s worth of tumblr to see what I’ve missed (omg congratulations Chris and Jocelyn, that’s effing awesome right there).

And I’ve been super proactive towards the whole moving thing (I’d better, only about a week to go) and another Big Project that’s been driving me nuts lately.

And I’ve lost weight! Without any dramatic measures, just eating healthy (and not quite as much). I really want to start trying on my motivation pants from a few years ago but I realise I may still have a few kilos to go.

I wish it was spring. I’ve had it up to here (you can’t see it but I’m pointing right between my eyes) with this snow and shit. At least the sun is coming back out, I love lurking in the darkness but getting shit done is so much easier in daylight.

This has been your scheduled update on ME.